Thursday, December 20, 2012

JERSEY REFORM DAY 2013 Saturday 28 September

Ho Ho Ho! what fun we shall have  on Saturday 28 September the very first JERSEY REFORM DAY..

Following Deputy Trevor Pitman's successful proposition "JERSEY REFORM DAY" is now officially recognised as a day to remember and celebrate.
It is about history and democracy and much more.
It is no longer the "forgotten day" in Jersey history.
Now we have the official context to research and understand the real historical development of this amazing little Island and its government, commerce and way of life.

28 September 1769 is the equivalent of "Bastille Day" to France or "Independence Day" for the USA.
It is no coincidence that all these famous dates have their origins within a few decades of the eighteenth century when fundamental questions were being asked about the very origins of nature and mankind and the organisation of society.

Jersey's history books are stuffed with accounts of many truly brave people from the military  and colonial past besides a few rogues, and many establishment figures,  but the history of those residents who rebelled against the status quo, campaigned for reform, formed Trades Unions or suchlike, and worked without recognition and little financial reward for many good causes are often unrecorded.

JERSEY REFORM DAY affords the opportunity to celebrate a wider version of Jersey history and the full range of people who have toiled away over the centuries such as Thomas Gruchy, Abraham Le Cras, Norman Le Brocq, Rene Liron, Gary Matthews, and many many more. Some long dead - some still alive and active.
It is not just to celebrate their memory that is important - we must try to put on the record just what they achieved or attempted and preserve this in the official Island archives - but even more importantly - we must strive to make their aims and ambitions more generally known and understood.

We are especially pleased to close this year with news that the bronze sculpture portrait of Emille Collins has probably been purchased on behalf of the public of Jersey. We await final confirmation but this is great news about a man who campaigned from the Occupation until just two years ago and was a prolific activist on so many issues. He truly deserves recognition on such a day as "Jersey Reform Day" along with many others whose names and achievements have slipped out of sight or from the memory.

So we look forward to Saturday 28 September 2013 as a truly memorable, all island event, with official backing and support.
This is not a matter for this blog to organise - it is an officially sanctioned activity upon which departments of government and the Parishes must lead.
Bu all groups and individuals must be prepared to come forward too with ideas and initiatives to ensure that this event is a suceess in 2013 and for many years thereafter...

Happy New Year to All.

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  1. Good news about Emille's bust!

    Met the old geezer once when we were protesting in the Royal Square. He was sat in the cafe opposite and waving at us. Didn't know who he was til afterward, yet he turned up in the rain, and at 90 odd yrs old to support us.

    Grand old man :)