Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Jersey's doomed Deputies - anybody care?

In this two-part video we present an interview/discussion with 3 Deputies - Tracey Vallois, John Young and Richard Rondel - and consider whether there is any purpose in this office, should it be preserved under the Electoral Commission reforms and ask who actually represents "Joe Public"?

We have previously considered the Scrutiny process (posted 8 December) and Electoral Reform with a Senator, a Constable and a Deputy (on 17 November).

As always we are trying to provide a forum for in-depth discussion and want your comments. Here we also look at the implications of the "Plemont" debate and the latest pressures for "indepenedence."

Sit back and leave it all to somebody else if you want but change is inevitable so we urge your participation in the democratic process for reform.

Don't forget either that 28 September is now officially to be remembered as "Jersey Reform Day" - so we want to encourage discussion and analysis of the whole process of government in Jersey together with an Island-wide celebration of benefits that started with the extraordinary events in 1769....

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  1. Hi Tom.

    Put up some Audio of Senator Bailhache attacking who ever doesn't agree with himself, the Jersey People need to wake up & see this man for what he is. A Bully & a Spoiled One at that.

    You & your readers can Listen HERE