Thursday, December 27, 2012

A gallant Guernsey gander with Gollop...

Deputy John Gollop
Part 1
Explains the Guernsey system of government and much about Jersey's too...

Part 2

In this two part interview John Gollop expresses a great deal of useful knowledge about the relevant systems of government in the Channel Islands. It is essential viewing for anyone who  who claims an interest in the subject or in reform.
His interest in disability matters is also touched upon (as well as his status in the States as "Disability Champion") and a further interview will follow in a few days dealing with the Guernsey Disability Alliance and related matters.
There is much to be learned in Guernsey and from Deputy Gollop.

Talking to some Guernsey residents by chance later we heard more about the regular "parish surgeries" that now take place and how these are involving the general public in a very constructive way.
One couple said that they previously had no interest in political matters but by chance went along to a surgery to raise concerns about the new "roadsise refuse collection scheme." They we drawn into public discussions about a wide range of matters with the two Parish Constables and the seven elected States members present. It was an entertaining and enjoyable experience and they will be going again!

The point being that the Parishes do have a role in Guernsey which can be developed further and should be noted in the Jersey context. There will be life in the Jersey Parishes if the Constables cease to sit in the States.