Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Andreea from Romania, Sean from Ireland, Richard from St Helier...all living in Jersey with or without harmony.

Interview above with Andreea

We published here on 26 November 2012 an interview with Mr David Warr of the Chamber of Commerce just after he appeared before the Population, Housing and Control of Work Scrutiny Sub-Panel.

That meeting was very worrying because there was an undercurrent of xenophobia from the States' Members during the discussions.  Several wanted even more extreme restrictions against "immigrants" and there were calls for Photos on ID cards, more spot checks at places of work and at the docks to apprehend "white van man" etc.
Bearing in mind that Jersey is supposed. at long last, to be grappling with the notion of anti-discrimination
 laws, such views were all the more strtartling. It was the sort of loose talk that might be heard in some public bars - but hardly those to be expected from our paid politicians in 2013 - or nearly 70 years after Jersey's liberation from war-time occupation.

On 24 December - Christmas Eve in the Christian diary - we publishd here an interview with Adriana - who was about to return to Romania after a few, not very satisfactory months, working in Jersey.
 Her seasonal tale would no doubt have satisfied the scrutiny sub-panel because she would be vacating accommodation and freeing up the job market to "locals".

Now the Scrutiny Sub-Panel, led by Irish-man Deputy Sean Power has published its report  "Population and Migration Review Part 2" which  is even more dreadfully discriminatory and prejudiced than might have been anticipated.

Today we have interviewed another young Romanian woman - Andreea - who has been working in Jersey for nearly 4 years and her views as expressed are remarkably generous. She offers no strong criticisms of Jersey or the policies that have impacted on her life here. On the contrary, she anticipates her future with enthusiasm, whether it might be here or in India or elsewhere....


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