Friday, February 8, 2013

Conspiracies Jersey style plus a Moroccan mystery...

It takes about 20 minutes to cook a pot of spuds and this video can be used to time their boiling to perfection - but as always where  local Royals are concerned you must not forget to add a generous pinch of salt...

Here Deputy Mike Higgins and former Deputy Bob Hill discuss some aspects of the Jersey Six plus One conspiracy aka the Curtis Warren  case.

Whether Jonathan Welsh, Jamie O'Brien, Jason Woodward, Paul Hunt, Oliver Lucas and Curtis Warren were justly convicted in September 2009 is a question that might yet  be considered further  in another place - as might the role of Mohammed Liazid...

but for the moment the focus of attention seems more directed at Jersey's various "law and order" agencies.

Unfortunately the paying public's right to know has a very low priority in Jersey and one is left to wonder whether the true conspirators have yet been apprehended and /or punished?

Perhaps if Deputy Higgins persists with his line of questions in the States he might succeed in prizing open a few oysters to reveal some tiny pearls of legal wisdom but it must be obvious to anybody with an ounce of curiosity that the current system of public accountability of the Police, the Home Afffairs Minister and his Department, and the Crown Officers is a totally inadequate mess.

Deputy Higgins is carrying on with questioning that was to some extent initiated by Bob Hill and a few others in the States but we cannot help wondering why so few States Members are asking such questions now?

If bugging and surveillance tactics are allowed to grow and such precedents to gain credibility, who knows where they might lead ?
My own attempts to initiate a full Scrutiny Review of sureveillance policies and practices in  Jersey - by both public and private operators - has so far had a very luke-warm and tentative response.

Shall any of Jersey's 250 or so lawyers be raising these matters and promoting an informed public discusion in the near or distant future....


  1. If the UK or other tax authorities start using bugging in Jersey we shall hear a totally different tune being played by our Crown Officers, the Police, the media and uncle Tom Cobblers and all. Even Jersey lawyers might suddenly wake up and show some interest!

  2. Tom Gruchy.

    It is the responsibility of the Chief Police Officer to determine whether the bugging was/is "operationally justified." It is for the AG/Law Offices to determine its "legality."

    The (then) Chief of Police was asked to be interviewed as a criminal suspect in the Hants Enquiry (Operation Invicta) yet the person(s) with the responsibility of the legality of the bugging, as far as we know, were not.

  3. Thank you very much for posting this. Excellent work from the 2H's!