Monday, February 25, 2013

Sir Philip's Senatorial election platform - so who can be surprised at the Referendum options...?

This was Sir Philip Bailhache's primary election plaform speech for the Senatorial election.
So hardly any surprise that he should have pursued his aims through the States, the Electoral Commission and now through the Referendum.

Presumably he will now head up an "Option B" team to  ensure that the public votes to keep the Constables in the States.
This blog is as always open to anybody with a view to present on this or other matters of public interest.


  1. A very timely reminder of what reform means to Sir Philip.

    Sir Philip links the reform of the States Assembly to a political project: reducing the number of Members to 42, retaining the Constables and getting rid of the “wreckers“( “who have no policies or ideas, other than to snipe, to spread poison and destroy …the wreckers will prevent change because they do not have the public interest at heart”.

    This is an appeal to the Jersey Bourgeoisie against specifically the pseudo-radicals and the working class generally.

    This is the agenda of the political Right. That is what the Option B campaign represents.

    It could not be clearer as to what the real agenda is and that the stakes are high.

  2. You do good honest work Tom, sometimes it takes a lot of work and even more time for the message to sink in.


  3. There is a way of beating him at his own for option A . AND DO NOT USE YOUR SECOND VOTE. Think bout it. Should a large enough majority not be reached by any options in the first round, the transferable vote system comes into play so whether you have indicated B or C Bailache wins!!!!!