Thursday, June 27, 2013

Battle of Jeremy Deller and the Genuine Jersey Brand 1781 - 2013

St Helier wasn't burned to the ground in 1781 and probably won't be either in 2015 - so sleep easy in your bank vaults. But seriously folks there is no need to get over excited about Jersey's reputation being damaged by Jeremy Deller's paintings at the Venice Biennale British Pavilion because we have Senator "Foreign Secretary" Bailhache out there gunning on our behalf plus Deputy "Culture Minister" Bryans protecting our domestic rear.

In fact, Senator Bailhache was talking Jersey Revolution and the use of gunpowder with Chinese help at yesterday's Skipton Studios J Arts event organised specifically to address the Venetian Deller threat - so I hope GCHQ is not listening to his 'phone calls.
Another speaker referred to her visit to Venice and how she was questioned about the printed material that she was visibly reading on the returning aircraft... sounded ominous.

It was all a bit ironic because both Assistant Ministers Bailhache and Bryans had voted against the proposition to make 28 September officially recognised as 'Jersey Reform Day' in the States last year or to vote a penny towards it or some related cultural requests for minimal funding. As it was - the proposition - which is intended to remember the Jersey Revolution of 1769 (and the brave people of this Island over the centuries) was adopted. The historic  and most important event  actually led to the creation of the States and more. So 28 September is now officially recognised on the Jersey calendar - but nobody seems very keen to do anything about it but  seemingly would rather sit around at the Weighbridge discussing a painting on show in Venice!

Below is a video showing some of the discussion that took place among the eighteen or so people present. The few minutes at the end features Chris Clifford speaking at an Architecture Week (AW13) event on Monday 24 June which seems video time about 20 minutes I think from memory. I played the part of the talking grass.

At the conclusion of the discussion I distributed a few leaflets about a possible plan for a Jersey Reform Day celebration this year (in the Royal Square and at Reg's Garden) - but by this time Senator Bailhache had already left for another meeting.  Since he has not  replied to my previous e-mails on the subject (along with virtually all his States colleagues) I don't suppose it will make much difference...perhaps some of the 'Arts' organisations represented at the meeting will respond? Unfortunately time is running out very quickly now and if Jeremey Deller's prediction in paint comes true....well it does not bear thinking about...but no doubt there will be some artists around to make suitable images and comments on the conflagration.


  1. Clifford is the only one actually doing anything of relevance with regards the visual arts in Jersey. As the first part of your video showed the cultural establishment, none of whom are artists or creative in any way, are very good at talking a lot of hot air but are incapable of actually doing anything constructive.

  2. I wonder how many people in Jersey feel a real connection with the people in this video.

    I quote:

    “We all know that Art is not truth. Art is a lie that makes us realize the truth, at least the truth that is given to us to understand.” ~ Pablo Picasso


  3. I think bailhache may get a shock well before 2017

  4. P Bailhache " people must be free to express their views in art or in any other way" Really Senator? Any other way ?

  5. We are not the same as Guernsey, so that means we are a nation state. Bonkers, truly bonkers.

  6. Distinguishing between immigration and....CONTROL

  7. The first lady speaker clearly has no idea that the worldwide packaging up of dodgy mortgages into triple A bonds was *absolutely* facilitated by the likes of Jersey law firms and the off balance sheet special purpose vehicles that they helped to create. Just ask any Jersey lawyer in a big firm how much "securitisation" business the investment bankers are giving them nowadays, compared to 10 years ago.

    The lady is either misinformed or naive. She seems unaware of the part that all of 'offshore' played in the credit crisis. London and New York were the engine, offshore was the turbocharger. She comes out with glib nonsense about Jersey somehow not being part of it all. *shakes head*

  8. Nose flute players, basket weavers and wet blankety makers the lot of em. Culture in jersey has been captured by the state. Come the revolution comrade Dun I reckon that lot would be the first to be lined up against the wall.

  9. Sir Pips Balls AcheJune 29, 2013 at 4:40 AM

    Is that the same woman who was quoted in the paper as being very shocked and upset by the depiction of st.heliers banks on fire?

    Good grief. What a drip. And to think she wants Jersey to have a pavillion at Venice. Is there no end to this cultural cliques hubris and complete lack of reality?

  10. Jersey will feature in the Sunday Express newspaper tomorrow. Be sure to buy a copy.

  11. "A Nation State"? Jersey is not a nation state, it is a British island. This is an invention of elite nationalism for the island they own and wish to run independently without accountability. The difference in identity that is Channel Islands, Jersey or Guernsey,is not sufficient upon which to found a state. Kuwait is an oilfield with a flag, separated off by the British from Iraq once oil was discovered. Jersey's tax haven "oil" is running out.

    Babylon's burning, baby
    Can't you see?
    Babylon's burning
    With anxiety