Tuesday, June 18, 2013

G8, UK Select Committee and much much more - can we the electorate participate please?

As usual the general public are being kept in the dark....so I emailed this simple request to all 51 of our elected States' Members today....

18 June 2013

Dear States Member

In view of the continuing international publicity about “Finance Centres”, the proceedings of the G8 conference, the meeting of Chief Minister Gorst with the Prime Minister and the forthcoming visit by the UK Select Committee under the chairmanship of Sir Alan Beith M.P. besides many other matters of concern,
I write to request that the Council of Ministers be required to call a public meeting or meetings, so that the electorate of Jersey can be better informed about the discussions and negotiations that have already taken place and to discuss what is proposed for the future.

Also, that the general public might be better informed about the task of the UK Select Committee and that the membership might be encouraged to meet with the electorate of Jersey in a public forum to explain the purposes of the Select Committee directly, and to engage in discussions with and receive oral and written submissions from the people of Jersey both privately and in public.

Michael Dun

CC to all elected Jersey States’ Members.


  1. Fair play to you Tom you do have a sense of humour. Two questions for you.

    1) How many of our easy accessible and engaging 51 "representatives" have acknowledged your e-mail?

    2) How many have actually given you the courtesy of a reply?

  2. One e-mail reply.
    I spoke with six States Members in the square today - none mentioned it.

    My previous e-mail to all States Members did not receive a single reply.

  3. Hate to disappoint you, but I can think of two or three who wouldn't understand the words with more than one syllable...