Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gorst not exclusive from the steps of the Jersey States'..

Following somebody's defeat yesterday in the Jersey States we can reveal that it wasn't the government that got it wrong, that the programme of "Reform" carries on (although nobody has a clue what that means) and Chief Minister Gorst will not be resigning.

In fact this was all yet another demonstration of Jersey democracy in action of which we can all be proud although Assistant CM Senator Bailhache has said that the whole Referendum was a waste of time...

Today's video interview here (above) runs for about 5 minutes.

PS The States voted last October that 28 September should be officially celebrated as Jersey Reform Day - nothing has been done about it so far this year but perhaps Senator Gorst will reveal his government's revised "reform" plans on that historic day - or as part of the "Mace" celebrations with Prince Andrew...or Edward...or some other important person.


  1. Tom Gruchy.


    “make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) IN ORDER TO IMPROVE IT”

    By Senator Bailhache’s own admission option B made the democratic deficit even WORSE, didn’t IMPROVE it. Therefore option B doesn’t even meet the definition of “reform”


    a general vote by the electorate on a single political question that has been referred to them for a direct decision.

    Note; “on a single political question.” Therefore what we got didn’t even fit the definition of “referendum.” None of this meets with the State Media’s agenda and never gets mentioned by them. The public is being taken for idiots while a complete false history is being created. Neither a referendum, nor reform, was on offer yet that is completely air-brushed out of history in favour of the State Media’s agenda of blaming politicians for not listening to the electorate.

    After Plemont and now this latest debacle Senator Gorst, and Chief Minister Bailhache, should be put under pressure to resign. They clearly don't have the confidence of the House.

    1. You are quite right VFC

      REFORM :
      Make changes in (something, typically a social, political, or economic institution or practice) in order to improve it.

      Bellyache was trying to engineer his Electoral DEFORM

      1. To spoil the form of; misshape: a body that had been deformed by disease.
      2. To spoil the beauty or appearance of; disfigure.
      3. Physics To alter the shape of by pressure or stress.
      4. Geology To change the original state or size of a rock mass, especially by folding or faulting.


  2. It took Len Norman just under 2 minutes to pop out and smoke a fag.

    Well done for getting the interview. It reveals what most people already know. Even at the very top they haven't got the foggiest what to do next.

  3. Gorst and Bailhache are an absolute disgrace !!!

  4. "Democracy in action"

    Just brilliant Gorst....

  5. Good point - was this a government Bill? Certainly an especially arranged sitting of the Electoral Commission was held to take the views of the Chief Minister and he told us he wanted to retain the Constables and 42 States Members.

    All in the dust, but they wont give up that easily.

  6. And HERE is another Jersey whitewash on the cards!

  7. bailhache says "it was a waste of time". Well if he had not highjacked the reform to try and make sure that the establishment party kept on to their powers the outcome would have been different.
    With an independent commission which is what it was meant to be until bailhache stuck his oar in the results would have been better. Firstly there would have been questions that required a yes or no vote and no second choice. It would have been very clear what the island wanted for the future. The chairman of the commission made it quite clear that option "B" was the worse choice that anybody could have made. So the states members who were no hoodwinked saw right through bailhache's bid for total power. bailhache wasted everybodies time but there again he believes that he is never in the wrong.