Tuesday, July 9, 2013

"Mr Dissatisfied", the famous moaner & grumbler interviews Deputy Duhamel after Architecture Week 2013

The Association of Jersey Architects hosted their Architecture Week during July which was all very friendly and jolly at a superficial level but they do seem to be obsessed with "image" and "Prettiness".

The culmination of the week was the presentation of awards for "best in show" but the categories were all about image - function did not make much of an imact here and I tried to say so on several occasions.
My observations were not well receievd and subsequent follow up comments left on the AJA Facebook site were soon deleted.

One senior Architect member of the Association e-mailed me;

"Just a kind warning against casting yourself as a permanent moaner & grumbler. Some are now calling you 'Mr Dissatisfied'.
Appreciate you have an interest in Accessibility but don't impugn others who are actually working on such issues.
I would also avoid commenting on issues about which you don't have the full facts. Best Regards etc"

I published thise redacted version under the comments section of the AJA Facebook site and added that I sould be delighted to receive an award as the "Most Dissatisfied" at the next awards ceremony...

In the interview that follows of about 11 minutes, recorded with Deputy Duhamel in a windy Royal Square follwing his appearance before a Scrutiny Panel hearing, the Environment Minister expresses some strong views and supports some of my criticisms of Jersey Architects and their blinkered design aspirations....

A gremlin in the system is preventing me from correcting some typs above but I will try to deal with them later...

The video should follow:


  1. mike
    duhamel is nothing but a yes man he is doing what he is told to do the rest is just something to make him look like he knows what he is doing the big O and big B are he,s boss.

  2. Duhamel is way too consensual. He tries to be all things to all men and ends up spreading himself to thin. His policies sound woolly and half baked. As if he doesn't really know all the best way forward.

    He's better than Cohen by a mile but why doesn't he just grow a pair and actually start doing something?

    I thought your interview questions where too polite. If your not careful this hobby of yours will end up sounding like a bit of establishment puff.

  3. Let me guess who wrote that email. MW or CR?

  4. I bet they didn't discuss this sort of stuff either...