Sunday, July 28, 2013

David Dale and the Cosmo show on the Pier at Havre des Pas - Jersey - PART ONE

We recorded this interview with David Dale a few weeks ago. It was supposed to be just part of a look at the amazing little cabaret that is "Cosmo on the Pier" but once David Dale started talking we realised that it could not be cut.

So here in PART ONE is David talking frankly as he prepares to go on stage.

PART TWO will follow just as soon as we can edit all the bits of video to give just some idea of the work that Legs Up Lucy, JJ and Liisa and the rest of the team put into this David Dale presentation.

It will also feature artist Oscar Romp as he did his own Toulouse Lautrec take on the show over one weekend in June

If you have not already seen this show then contact the Ticket Hotline now on 01534 758988 - or just visit the Pier for a swim and a sandwich....

How sad that dancing groups and entertainers such as the "Showstoppers" featured on our previous posting have so few opportunities in Jersey to perform.

So keep it up David....

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