Friday, August 16, 2013

"Does God LOL?" Tony Vino with CHOW in Jersey

Tony Vino appeared for CHOW in Jersey on Thursday 15 August and we interviewed him afterwards.
Its not often that a Human Rights lawyer/law lecturer and acedemic appears in Jersey at all but when he comes here as a comedian speaking for the local Christian missionary group "Business Connect" we felt duty bound to take notice.

Of course, he has given up on the law career and has joined the 600 or so other hopefuls that he reckons make a full-time living as comedians in the UK.

More details about Tony can be found on his own internet site;

The other interviews referred to here can be found on this tom gruchy blog - David Dale and the Cosmo Show at 28 July 2013 and Chris Larner with regard to his play "An Instinct for Kindness" on 26 May 2012.

Tony Vino's book "Does God LOL?" is in the bookshops now or you can contact him direct for details.

The Dean did not attend the CHOW show.

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