Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Jersey's Bus strike off - but the problems remain

Annette du Heaume runs the CT Plus Complaints Group on Facebook. It provides a forum for discontent about the bus service in Jersey and is a response to a similar site created in Guernsey where CT Plus also runs the bus services.

In Jersey the layout of the bus service has not changed dramatically since before the war so it might be expected that any problems had been sorted by now.

Clearly the threatened strikes this week show that substantial grievances remain.

Annette du Heaume is the wife of a Jersey bus driver with CT Plus who worked for the previous provider (Connex). She experiences the sharp end of industrial action and reflects here on the worsening relationships between the staff and their employers.

If the promised arbitration does not resolve the problems then presumably the heat will return but is it the employers, the Union or the employees who should be showing the initiative here and what of our elected States Members - what should their participation , if any, be?

We had tried to interview a driver with CT Plus back in January this year about the deteriorating service and staff/employers relationships but that driver's voice was suppressed and that willing volunteer has left CT Plus employment through frustration.

What does this say about indsutrial relations, free expression and the public's right to know - esepcially since several £millions of Jersey taxpayers money is paid to CT Plus each year.

The provision of transport services in and around the Channel Islands is going through a time of difficulty and there must be common causes and threads that link the failures of air, sea and land services. Who knows what they are and can offer solutions?

Thanks to Annette for speaking frankly - the interview runs for 19 minutes.
We shall be pleased to record and publish a response from CT Plus, Unite the Union, a States' Member or anybody else who thinks they have  something helpful to contribute.


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  2. Excellent interview. This has been far more useful in determining what is going on than any of the MSM coverage.

  3. Some of us feel that drivers wives airing their moans in public did the Unite members no favours at all.

    1. Hi, I am sure there were some people who didn't agree with what I said (although I haven't had any complaints from the bus staff yet, in fact quite the opposite), however someone had to stand up and speak out and I didn't see anyone else volunteering. All I wanted to do was set the record straight as to how the staff are being treated and the shambolic way the bus service is now being run. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, I just happened to voice mine publicly. Freedom of speech and all that.

  4. I was one of the 2 dozen or so people sent by social security to the "open" day at Liberty Bus (CT Plus). I got there at 10 am on the dot and within 10 minutes there were more than a dozen men waiting to be interviewed. The organisation of the open day by CT Plus was a shambles, only 2 people doing the interviews, not many more for the works tour and have a go on a bus in the yard thing, they couldn't even make sure there were enough visi vests to go round. After 1 1/2 hours of waiting I finally got my 15 minute interview, here's what I remember;

    £13 per hour.
    £28 for one school run, £32 for 2 runs.
    Work as few or as many hours as you want.
    Zero hours contract of employment.
    Training (for PSV) provided by an outside sub contract trainer.
    Total cost of training to be paid back to CT Plus through deductions from wages.

    I did not get offered a job.