Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What do political beings do on holiday?

How about trying to push an unwilling body up an absurdly steep hill using a largely unsuitable carriage under unfavourable temperatures and competitative circumstances and creating a great deal of noise, smells and the occasional personal injury for no financial reward but at great actual cost whilst thousands of onlookers offer unflattering and sometimes critical comments.....

Takes all sorts.
This is Prescott Hill Climb just outside Cheltenham over the weekend of 3 and 4 August 2013 and its just great....

and politics - the Jersey sort at least - was not even being thoght about.


  1. Are you driving your 3 wheeler Morgan at this hill climb whilst claiming benefits you cheat

  2. Thought I would publish this silly comment above. I had previously ignored a similar one. Obviously the writer is not aware that my days of owning a Morgan Threewheeler are long gone - I sold the Super Sports in order to finance a course of study on disability design at the Architectural Association decades ago.
    The Prescott Hill Climb was great fun and the Morgans there and at the Morgan Factory were as always great to see but the current starting price of £30,000 is out of my league. Unfortunately my video camera was stolen whilst I was looking at 18th century newspaper archives in Northampton Public Library so I am unable to bring you all the images. No doubt my loss will give the author some perverse pleasure.
    For his or her further entertainment I would suggest that you take up another sport because such silly commenting on blogs is just a waste of everybody's time but if you have anything more useful to contribute...
    On the other hand it does give me cause to worry about the SS and Housing Departments' policy of encouraging such half-wits to give information "covertly" on alleged "cheats". A similarly sad person must have informed on Mrs Gould and her family during the Occupation and we seem to have learned nothing at all from those terrible consequences. It does cause to me to wonder about such a quisling's motives...and I was on holiday from politics too...