Tuesday, September 17, 2013

NO - CCTV in Jersey Charles Farrier and Bob Hill in discussion

Charles Farrier of UK group NO-CCTV and Bob Hill the former Metropolitan Police Officer, States of Jersey Deputy and founder of Jersey Human Rights Group discuss CCTV and surveillance in Jersey
This video runs about 22.5 minutes

Hear Charles Farrier in Jersey Wednesday 18 September 2013
view the UK-CCTV website


  1. Good interview Tom, and with some interesting points throw up. It is certainly clear to me that CCTV is now used primarily for surveillance, crime prevention and detection taking a back seat way in the distance. As governments move closer to their goal of lockdown of the people the general public will begin to wake up, unfortunately it will be to late. The people forget that we are the Masters and they are the servants, it is time to redress the balance.

  2. Was there a problem with the last comment I sent Mike?

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