Thursday, September 26, 2013

JERSEY REFORM DAY 1769 - 2013 Yet another forgotten anniversary

Saturday 28 September

On 20 November 2012 the States voted to make “Reform Day” an officially recognised and celebrated day in the Jersey year.
It was to be in memory of the events of 28 September 1769 when Islanders overthrew the Royal Court etc – then in session – to demand substantial reform of the systems of justice, government and administration.

The Vote on Deputy T. Pitman’s Proposition P107/2012 last October being;
21 for, 18 against and 12 absent.

The 21 were;

Alan Breckon
Sarah Ferguson
Dan Murphy
Deidre Mezbourian
Michael Paddock
Stephen Pallet
Michael Le Troquer
Roy Le Herissier
Judith Martin
Geoff Southern
Carolyn Labey
Shona Pitman
Kevin Lewis
Montfort Tadier
Trevor Pitman
Tracey Vallois
Michael Higgins
Jeremy Macon
Susan Pinel
John Le Bailly
Richard Rondel

No events, official or otherwise, appear to have been organised this year – 2013 – the first opportunity to celebrate the events of 1769, in accordance with the States decision.


  1. I hope this wasn't all left to Deputy Pitman to push on? I was amazed how he managed to get this through at all given the idiots we have in the States. We do need to get this remembered and celebrated for next year and probably the best way is if we can get some people who have the time to form a working party?

  2. It must be obvious, its a celebration of the voice and will of the people.

    That is the last thing the CoM want.It was shown in the original vote and nothing organised for the people of Jersey.

    Now a mace party where they can all dress up and eat and drink well and feel important, without putting a hand in their own pockets of course, now that more like it.

    More evidence of a do as you are told, not what we do mentality. One does wonder if timing of the expensive invitation only mace party, was also carried out to rub home this point.Waving flags at the guest was to make him feel good as loyal subjects worship.

    For reform day,there could have been music in Howard Davis and peoples Park. Jersey Heritage Trust opening all the islands castles, museums and properties for a day of celebration with no charge.

    Free buses for the day, and free tours on the little train and the old bus with operators being paid by the States.

    But no, none of it, nothing.

    1. I think for all this to happend will require a change of government. I await the election of the Jersey Progressive Labour Party (JPLP).

  3. whats the point, no one works together anyway.

    We are all divided in this island and until that is realised any reform of the justice system has no chance.

    Everyone just looks out for their own interests in Jersey, including the deputies and senators.

    So just forget it everyone, just go back to sleep.

  4. we cant rely on States Members to do anything , even those who you would think would do something.

    Its the people who need to make sure Justice reform happens.

    But Jersey as it is , we all enjoy a bit of corruption don't we , its what we are all about.