Thursday, September 12, 2013

Whatever happened to Dixon of Dock Green or Sherlock Holmes?

This is a copy of a recent JEP billboard but why were the Jersey Police relying so much on CCTV to catch the supposed offender?
Is this just a symptom of the electronic approach to keeping the peace?
Is there any evidence that such methods are effective? Has anybody done the research in Jersey or anywhere else?
On Wednesday 18 September Charles Farrier of the UK action group NO-CCTV will be in Jersey and speaking at 3 public meetings on the basis of his extensive knowledge. He does not support the use of CCTV and modern surveillance processes or purposes.

The meetings are
1) 1pm to 2pm CHOW discussion with invited panel at Church House, St Helier and refreshments are available
2) Is an official Scrutiny Panel hearing to consider CCTV use in Jersey and starts at 4pm in Le Capelain Room of the States Building and 3) is at Church House again from 6pm when Charles Farriet will meet with members of the Jersey Human Rights Group for a discussion followed by a presentation at about 7pm with Q and A session to follow. All the meetings are FREE and open to the public but the Scrutiny Panel does not permit public participation except listening. However, Scrutiny has issued a Questionnaire which can be accessed on the Scrutiny website and will be pleased to receive written observations...
NO-CCTV website is


  1. Tom Gruchy.

    Jersey has THIRTEEN POLICE FORCES and can't solve a crime without a camera? Bl--dy priceless and another anomaly the State Media won't think of!

  2. They should catch him any way they can, even with help of CTV and the public, but please don't let this be a case of non-prosecution because he knows some one or has influence.