Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Do we need a Green Zone? What use is the Jersey Island Plan?

Part One discussion above about 18 minutes

Part Two discussion above about 23 minutes

This two part video discussion relates to the written submission of September 2013 to the “Planning” office. That submission is posted on this blog on 21 September as “Heads in the Sands” and is a response to the planners’ invitation for comments on its proposed revisions to the 2011 Island Plan.
Among a wad of papers almost as thick as the Island Plan itself the planners outline some possible re-drafting of the Island Plan and in particular that some sites in the “Green Zone” should be re-zoned for housing purposes.

My view is that the whole Island Plan should be scrapped because successive Plans, produced at enormous cost, have proved to be virtually useless. The only sector the economy that has been prosperous during recent years is “finance” and that is the one that has received little or no attention under the “Plans”.

On the other hand, Tourism, light industry and agriculture have been largely ruined and the provision of Housing is a disaster.

What other community, with such “prosperity” could have 10,000 working adults – a fifth of the working population – who are not allowed even to rent or buy proper living accommodation, even if it were available! Such is the dreadful result of Island Plans produced over the past fifty years or so….

Even the Strategic Plan agreed by the States undertakes to house everybody in Jersey adequately and to eliminate discrimination….but the Planners evidently work to a totally different and unique agenda of their own!!!

At the very least I say that the Green Zone part of the Island Plan needs to be removed. The true housing and other needs of all the people – not just cows, potatoes and rich residents – needs to be totally re-assessed and other demands on land reconsidered.

The two part video discussion reveals that there is still an emotional clinging to the concept of the “Green Zone” by both politicians here (without much evidence) whilst the Architect is confidently willing to build.

The participants in the video are Deputy Rob Duhamel (Planning and Environment Minister), Deputy John Young (a former Chief Officer at the Planning Department) and Architect Derek Mason.

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