Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Outsiders in Jersey 2013...discrimination as a way of life...?

This video interview with two Romanians living in Jersey runs for about 21 minutes.
Most "newcomers" settling in Jersey face similar problems of finding a job and somewhere to live but it is unusual that they cannot claim the full benefit of their Social Security and Income Tax contributions until they have worked for at least 5 consecutive years working at least 35 hours per week. So far as housing accommodation is concerned they will have few rights to rent or buy accommodation until they have been resident for at least 10 years. In this interview "Jimmy" and "Edward" complain that it is unfair that they pay into public funds but have only a limited chance to enjoy the result. What actually happens to our contributions they ask. Furthermore they suggest that perhaps some money should be given back to them if they leave the Island - as happens in other places. Or, some of their contributions might be transferred to the Romanian government to help provide for their welfare in future as a pension. They even suggest "repatriation" as a possible answer and they suggest other things too such as the appointment of a Consul in Jersey to help represent their interests here. After all, no States Mambers seem very keen to speak up for the 10,000 working adults from all nations that try to survive in Jersey doing so many of the jobs that others do not want or at wages that cannot provide an adequate standard of living. The £5 fee that some Jersey people are complaining about as a charge from their schools for providing evidence of residence under the new Registration seems like a trifling matter compared with some of the difficulties and obstacles now put in the way of "newcomers" in Jersey which are clearly intended to encouarge them to move on...


  1. Regardless of citizenship someone who has been resident in Jersey continuously for two years is entitled to register to vote. Many immigrants are unaware of this. Few if any will vote as there are no candidates making it clear they will represent their interests.So Tom, get these guys registered to vote.

  2. Vote for? Perhaps you could list some suitable existing States members or likely candidates to vote for...

  3. And a "there's a boat in the morning" comment will be along in 10.... 9.... 8.....

  4. And here is a little more discrimination to add to the plight of Romanians, and everyone else come to that!!!

    The Justice Select Committee, MY TESTIMONY

  5. Deputy Tadier tabled some written questions of the Chief Minister (Sen Gorst) on 8 October 2013 in the States.
    The answers included the information that;
    There were 807 Romanians living and working in Jersey in June 2013. 57% male and 43% female.
    The Minister for External Relations (Sen Bailhache) has written to the Romanian Embassy requesting a meeting with the Ambassador. At the meeting it would be "opportune" to discuss how we might further support the affairs and interests of those Romanians living in Jersey.
    There is currently no Romanian Consul in Jersey.

    The appointment of a Consul is a matter "for each national government to decide." It is likely that the appointing of an honorary Consul for Romania accredited to Jersey, or possibly the Channel Islands, will be discussed (by Sen Bailhache).
    There is no information published in Romanian by States departments.
    This is kept under review by the Communications Unit.
    The matter of Driving licences has been discussed at the Department for Transport in London. Officials have been engaged with the Romanian Embassy on the possible reciprocal exchange of Jersey and Romanian licences. The matter is currently under consideration by the Romanian authorities who are interested in reaching agreement.