Wednesday, October 16, 2013

St Clement Parish Green Zone meeting 15 October 2013

Video one - Deputy Duhamel confronts the St Clement Parishioners before the main contest;

Video two - runs about 19 minutes
Deputy Rob Duhamel (Minister for Planning & Environment) presents his case introduced by Constable Len Norman.
CO Skate says nothing here.
Questions from the floor may feature in a later video if anybody is interested in seeing them.

What was especially interesting to this Parishioner was that the £200,000 referred to by Deputy Duhamel as the fair price for "affordable" housing does not include the cost of land.
He was a bit vague about private deleopments of "affordable" units and how mortgages might be obtained for couples on his 2x £28,000 (joint £56,000) salaries might be obtained from commercial lenders.
However, he did explain that private developers who might obtain permission to build on rezoned former Green Zone land, would have tight restrictions imposed on their permits.
And, if they did not proceed with the development then States Compulsory Purchase powers would be used to take over the deevelopments in the puiblic interest.
He also referred to taxation of gains being introduced where land was re-zoned....

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