Monday, May 26, 2014

Jersey needs a political party....a lesson from the 1930's?

We recently recorded this interview with James - a Jersey man - shortly after Liberation Day on 9 May.
It is posted below in 2 parts or chapters with 2 parts in each.
Each video chapter is about 10 minutes.

Above - Chapter 1 part A
Above - Chapter 1 part B
Above - Chapter 2 part A
Above - Chapter 2 part B


  1. James gives an honest and accurate assessment of the way things are sadly.

  2. Its time for a revolution ! get these states members exposed for what they are !

  3. Its a shame that a certain band of Jersey People are becoming a minority.

    But what is true is that minority will take back this island ...its only a matter of time now.

  4. As an ex-Jerseyman now living in France I concur with all that is said by James in the interview. Looking around the world there are similar things going on, it is the control of the masses by the few. my father spent five years of his life fighting for freedom and was lucky that he returned, others paid the ultimate cost. Before he died a few years ago he said to me," son, if I'd new how this world has turned out I wouldn't have bothered", sad but true. It's time for an uprising, it has gone past debate because the trash in power with their yes men and foot stamping lackies are divorced from the needs of the Jersey people, only interested in their own agenda. Well done james for speaking out, I salute you.