Thursday, May 15, 2014

Co-operation and non co-operation, Rochdale Pioneers, regeneration and decay....all at the CIs Coop AGM...

The Jersey part of the AGM for the CIs Cooperative Society Ltd was held at Hautlieu School 13 May 2014.
Unusually shareholders of this "society incorporated under the Industrial and Provident Societies Act 1765-1978" were met with a "political protest" at the entrance regarding the restoration of the old properties in Pitt Street and Dumaresq Street, St Helier.
We took the opportunity to video record a brief report and interview with Ms Foot - whose family used to own the properties behind the HMV advert many years ago.

Following that report we have posted interviews with Ben Shenton - formerly a Senator in the Jersey States - now Vice President of the CIs Coop and with Peter Roffey - formerly a "radical" Deputy in the States of Guernsey - and now President of the CIs Coop.

All is not well in the Cooperative "movement" in the UK and that choice of description is - or was - particularly relevant years ago when the COOP was a "way of life" for shareholders with overtly political agenda.

The CIs Coop was never so blatantly political but the fact is that local politicians have always played a prominent part in its management.
Deputy Norman Le Brocq being a particular example who served for many years but it was noticeable that shareholders in Jersey voted against Deputy Kevin Lewis being appointed as a Director at this meeting....

There are many issues arising in this "business" which has 77,000 Jersey and 41,000 Guernsey shareholders (or "members") who all have the right to attend the AGMs,  to have their say and to use their vote. A strange mix of business and democratic principles and a packed house of interested participants at this Hautlieu meeting...

Ben Shenton above - Vice President

Peter Roffey above - President

"Footnote" below shows the regeneration of the Southampton Hotel site at the "Weighbridge" aka "Liberation Square" and wonders what "history" actually means....

Are the Pitt Street/ Dumaresq Street circumstances any different...?


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