Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Evelyn's continuing fight, her latest trip, another locked toilet, a mystery gas bill and much much more - but WHY?

We are following Evelyn's progress in and out of hospital. Or last video posting was in January 2014 and appears on this blog added to the previous one dated 17 November 2013...

If you suffer from constant gut's ache and several severe illnesses you might just understand some of Evelyn's problems and complaints - and why she resorts to cannabis for physical and mental relief...

The video that follows is in five parts and commences with her return through Jersey Airport.
We have not yet managed to speak with Helen O'Shea the CEO of the Jersey General Hospital referred to nor to "Blue Islands" for their version of what happened on their early morning Jersey  to Southampton flight on Tuesday 29 April.
We had always found this airline most helpful and their City Airport flight a joy so are surprised that Evelyn's flight was allowed without a toilet etc...
If the helpful passenger who assisted  her to gain access to the toilet or any other witnesses would come forward or leave a comment it would be helpful...Evelyn will return to Oxford for more treatment in about one month....

There is a public meeting to discuss cannabis use at the Town Hall, St Helier this Thursday from 7pm and Evelyn hopes to be well enough to attend.

Part One above
Part two above

Part three above
Part four above
Part five above

Our thanks to Evelyn for participating in this - we hope that it proves helpful.
States Members and medical professionals are especially invited to comment...

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