Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Jersey Weekender Rally - organised by the Boston UK MG Club - 2 to 4 May 2014

For many years the Jersey MG Owners' club organised a spring rally which was very popular but the same few people became tired of organising it and sponsorship had become ever more difficult to achieve.
For this year, the UK owners of some MGs decided that rather than let the popular rally just fade away they would organise it themselves through the Boston club.

These video recordings show some of the 100 or so people who participated with their fifty cars  travelling from the UK - plus one from Guernsey - to make this a most successful event.
Notably, another MG group from the UK had organised a separate rally in Guernsey for the same weekend  - showing just how popular the Channel Islands are for such events.

Notable Sponsors for the Jersey Weekender Rally were Condor Ferries, CI Travel Group, Waitrose, Lancaster Insurance and the MG Owners Club. Constable Crowcroft of St Helier gave his usual support....

Videos feature Roche Bentley's rhyme, Roger Pratten's MG3 and transplants, Peter Martel's views on CIs tourism and odd bits of recordings of the Weekender activities....

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