Saturday, March 9, 2013

Deputy Green's promises for the "non quals" in Jersey...

After all these years since 1949 can it really be true - that an end to housing discrimination in Jersey is about to be achieved?
Shall those 10,000 without "housing qualifications" have decent accommodation, security of tenure, fair rents, and no more exhorbitant electricity charges...?
Shall "portacabins" be outlawed...?
Can Deputy Green, the Jersey Housing Minister, really walk on water and shall the other 50 States' Members  be prepared to support these amazing policies...
See this third report in the current series and glimpse Jersey emerging from the dark ages...


  1. Finally we might not be ripped off any longer with electricity, 40 yrs to late unfortunately. These slim balls make me sick.

  2. Oh Dear Mr Gruchy, you really have been naughty on the NICK SHAXSON BLOG or is it the demented Haworth perhaps?

  3. Thanks Ian for drawing this to my attention. It seems that somebody has decided to use the Tom Gruchy name tp post offensive comments elsewhere. Usual sad supects I suppose.
    It makes for confusion if nothing else but if anybody has any suggestions for a suitable pesticide I should be grateful.

  4. Having posted three blogs devoted to Jersey's worst housing conditions why is there so little public interest?
    More worrying - not a single comment for publication from any of our States Members - although each was personally emailed and invited so to do. What does this say about the standard of political leadership in Jersey?
    Of course Deputy Green's contribution is very much appreciatedbut are his political so NOT Interested in the real housing problems of Jersey?
    The welfare of 10,000 people without housing quals cannot surely be so easily disregarded - but can we be surprised if they do not turn out to vote? What is the point for them in taking part in any elections and what possible interest can they have in the result of the April Referendum....

    For the elimination of any doubt this comment is from Mike Dun as Tom Gruchy - not the fake who is doing the rounds.

    1. I will never vote again, voting is consent to be governed! NO MORE SUBMITTING APPLICATION FOR REGISTRATION!