Wednesday, March 27, 2013

States Members Referendum voting preferences

I have emailed all States Members on 26 March as follows;


I am trying to compile a list of States’ Members to show who will be supporting the A, B or C Option on 24 April.
This to be published on
It would be helpful if you could indicate your preference.


Responses so far
Further responses will be added if and when they arrive


Dan Murphy, Grouville. Not yet determined…
John Refault, St Peter. Will choose the best option…


Lyndon Farnham “C”
Ian Le Marquand “C”
Paul Routier in the street says it's a secret ballot and he will not be replying.
Francis Le Gresley "do not intend to reveal my preference"


John Le Fondre, St Lawrence “C”
Geoff Southern, St Helier “A”
Kristina Moore, St Peter “B”
Montfort Tadier, St Brelade “A”
Robert Duhamel, St Saviour “A”
Shona Pitman, St Helier "A"
Roy Le Herissier, St Saviour, "A" as least worst.
Richard Rondel, St Helier, in the street "not yet determined"
John Young, St Brelade currently preferred (9 April) as "A" with "C" second option


  1. Constables taking a leading and decisive stand on an important issue. More replies like that from them and I may switch to voting A.

  2. Ah, so John Refault will be going for Option A then? Glad to hear it!

  3. Senator Paul Routier says its a secret ballot. Not again Tom, next time you see him ask him to change the record as secret is one of his favourite words. When asked by politicians in the house regarding the cost to the taxpayer of the Data Protection case against Stuart Syvret he said it was a secret.

    The questioners were careful not to ask questions about the legality but just wanted to know the cost involved. The good Senator could or did not give a sensible answer after being asked many times by concerned deputies.