Friday, March 15, 2013

If you want to understand about the Jersey electoral Referendum ask a Guernsey politician or three...

Once again we have invited St Peter Port Deputy John Gollop (above) to explain about Jersey politics and much much more...
In this 17 minutes interview he expresses in his usual extraordinarily well informed way about Channel Islands' government in a worldly context. His intricate knowledge is truly amazing.
Here he addresses especially matters relating to the approaching Jersey Referendum (24 April) and gives some background to the two-part interview that follows (below) with St Peter Port Constable (unpaid) Dennis Le Moignan with St Peter Port Deputy (paid) and Douzenier (unpaid) Lester Queripel.

John Gollop had not actually seen their recording before making his comments but as always he has much useful information to add and we urge you to watch him first...

Part One recording above ( 17 minutes) with Constable Dennis Le Moignan and Deputy/Douzenier Lester  Queripel

Part Two recording above (14 minutes)

We thank the three Guernsey politicians for giving their time and expressing these views and hope that the general public - and even some Jersey politicians (!) - might be sufficiently interested to reciprocate with comments in the space provided.
Anybody who wants to respond meaningfully with a recorded interview is as always invited to make contact...


  1. Constable Le Moignan has been in touch to clarify about the procedure for "liquor licensing". It is similar to Jersey but not identical.
    As Constable he interviews applicants wishing to be a "Designated Officer" responsible for a bar etc. He sends a report to the Police and the applicant's lawyer and the person is notified to attend court.
    He inspcts the premises, as does the Police licensing Officer and reports are sent to the court which approves the licence.

  2. "Scrutiny can open every door - then what? The impotence of Scrutiny in the Channel Island scence is a common feature designed-in to ensure the stability of the state.

  3. Corruption in our courts, featuring our New Top Magistrate CAPT'N BRIDGET SHAW