Friday, March 22, 2013

Miriam a UK Journalist in Jersey on Press Standards etc

It is always refresehing to meet a journalist - Miriam from the UK above -  prepared to be interviewed, especially when the subject is journalism itself.

Other professionals  such as lawyers and doctors in Jersey are still extraordinarily reluctant to appear before this lens although many mouth empty words about the need to communicate and to engage with the public. Our politicians more hopefully are slowly beginning to realise that "citizens' media" might not be such a bad thing after all...

Nevertheless, prejudices prevail but this journalist was prepared to be critical as well as flattering about her journalistic colleagues in the UK and their recent standards of conduct.

With regulation of the Media now imminent in the UK following so many scandals and the closing of the News of the World etc we - in Jersey - wait to see what might happen here.
Shall our Jersey government follow blindly whatever happens in the UK and accept the new regulatory regime ...and what about Bloggers....?

And how does this visitor view the local Jersey Media - what has she discovered about "free speech" and "investigatory journalism" during her brief visit....?

As always, this blog is open to anybody who wants to comment or record an interview.
Perhaps a locally based journalist would like to reply to this posting.....


  1. Full marks to this journalist for giving an interview to citizens media and being so open - something which will not happen with the local bunch - so don't expect a response from them on here. Leveson - or the Royal Charter - will not make a blind bit of difference to the media in Jersey because it is already state controlled.

  2. Oh dear, that was a little to honest for sleazy cheesy Jersey wasn't it? Good job Tom.