Thursday, March 28, 2013

Jersey law, the universe and much more with Adv. Barbara Corbett

Jersey Advocate and English Solicitor Barbara Corbett is interviewed here about many aspects of Jersey Law and the legal system.
We have been trying to find a Jersey lawyer to appear here for some time and Barbara kindly volunteered . The result is 26 minutes long and there was still much to discuss.
Hopefully more will follow on specific topics in due course.

It transpires that there are now over 300  members of the Society of Jersey lawyers so they must have been breeding since I last looked on their web-site (which is being updated). In fact only about half of this number is in practice in Jersey so this is a very small world population. Almost as rare as Plemont Puffins...

AS always, if anybody has any comments to offer these are welcome in the appropriate place or we will arrange to video record a substantive response.


  1. Aaah, Barbara dear, still in defensive mode over the alleged honour of Jersey lawyers hey!

    Perhaps you might like to comment as to the conduct of this shower of LAWYER CROOKS?

    Or even the complaints against YOURSELF!

    The truth is that Jersey lawyers will not go against the Establishment as the consequences of doing so, in this closed shop jurisdiction, would finish their career off....

  2. The reason people everywhere think lawyers are money grabbing shysters is because they are.

  3. The big problem is Mike that they do not want to explain how the system works because once you know the system it is easy to work around; it has to be suitably mysterious.

    As someone who has self represented on numerous occasions my advice is to always try and do as much as you can yourself - if you can agree a divorce it can be done for £100 for example.

    I'm afraid that lawyers like civil servants love making work for themselves particularly at £500 per hour - always far better to see a resolution to disputes outside of any 'official' process it is what a 'reasonable man' does.

    What would be useful is if someone would define the actions of a 'reasonable man' as fully as possible so that people understood how they are expected to behave in given situations. Why is this not 'taught' at school?

    1. Darius, a better solution for divorce is for a couple to draw a marriage document up themselves, remember, no one is obliged to sign a government marriage certificate to get married!

      A certificate is defined as "A paper establishing an ownership claim" right there you see that you are owned after signing.

      As for teaching this in school, it was taught in schools up until about 100 years ago when the League of Nations (New World Order) really came into being.

    2. New World Order....Banking on the "BAIL-IN"

  4. Well done to Barbara Corbett for giving the interview in the first place. It is refreshing to hear a Jersey Advocate speaking candidly to camera. Many thanks Tom, too, for the informative dialogue