Thursday, April 11, 2013

ABC of Jersey Reform visible at St Saviour this evening...

The clock is ticking and the public have it within their grasp to change Jersey's political history...

The following two videos show some views from Sam, Lyndon, Ben, Andrew, Phillipa, Steve and Jeremie whilst Sadie unwittingly probably makes this evening's most powerful case for reform through the Referendum  ballot box.
Gary - released from the constraints of the tv studio - refereed the proceedings with enthusiasm and appropriate humour.

Change is in the air that young people breathe...

Proceed with home safely says the mother hen of the Parish...


  1. Sadie Rennard. The best argument you will ever see for removing the Constables from the States. Option A it is then! Well done to the bloke who told her she was being patronising. She was.

    As for Jeremy, the last part of his interview is absolutely classic, from a psychologist's point of view. You asked him if he will declare his decision before the referendum...he says "yes" but the involuntary (and pronounced) headshake say "no"! As an exercise in observing the human condition (especially of politicians) your videos are first class Mike. Keep up the good work!

    As for Steve Pallett's comments, why is debating the Bailiff as speaker for another day? Why should it not be debated today, tomorrow and the next day? It is a pressing historical ananchronism that should be debated with all haste by anyone with any interest in democracy. Saying "we'll talk about that later" just kicks it into the long grass, again.

  2. Thanks for your efforts, good no excellent work.

    I got out of your video that the two politicians ( voted in by ordinary islanders ) have taken on a culture of secrecy. They can walk the walk talk the talk but when asked an honest question, dive for cover.

    No backbone and they really must think we are stupid.

    Again thanks for filming the pretenders and the patronising mother hen,

  3. Can I just clarify for your readers the bit at the end of the second video where Constable Rennard said I had undermined her.

    I spoke to her afterwards in private and she had misunderstood (or perhaps I hadn't been clear enough) part of my speech in which I said that it was particularly in St Saviour where we had proved that we don't like our Constable not being dedicated to the Parish.

    She took that to mean I was suggesting she was unpopular and didn't work hard for the Parish, when what I was actually saying was that at the last election we threw out Peter Hanning because he was not looking out for the Parish.

    We cleared up the misunderstanding, but it was very regrettable that she chose to make her comment at a time when I didn't have the right of reply.

  4. The whole thing is a waste of time. It's like rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic. We will still only have a tiny few votes out of the total number of States Members with options A,B or C - and politicians still won't listen - so very few people are going to bother with this.

    Best Regards

  5. Hi Tom.

    Are you going to put up what was said. Couldn't go so just wondering.
    Why is Lyndon Farnham upset about someone that was in the commission stating that he supports option A, when its no Secret that Senator Bailhache supports option B & he was the Chairman.

  6. "Your Parish?" Yep, "It's Mine"

    Just beautiful

    1. Your Parish, LOL Its MY Island remember!!