Wednesday, April 24, 2013

"B wins" Jersey Referendum - so lets have "A Party"....

Sam Mezek looks to the future (above) on Jersey Referendum night 24 April 2013

Michelle and Alex are the future (above)

Kit talks and Badlabecques plays (above) ...the video is there although not always visible here


  1. I look forward to Reform Day. The 'A' Team did well thanks to all the hard work of the people responsible for team 'A' I would hate to mention any by name because I would probably miss out the name of an important person whose input was invaluable.

    This referendum has indeed galvanised a group of people who may have otherwise disbanded in despair. Not so - chin up and persevere there is more than one way to skin a cat.

    I would be interested to find out if one may get a copy of the book mentioned by Sam Mezec that Norman Le Brocq wrote about the way forwardin Jersey along with more information about what Tom Gruchy thought and what made him lead the rebellion.

    What the population needs between now and Reform Day is more information in the logic behind the steps that need to be taken. I feel this is what the 'A' team should be doing now continueing to educate and push forward the now not so radical views of the political soothsayers of the past in Jersey.

    from democrat and a republican

  2. We need all volunteers now to organise Jersey Reform Day events....if you know of musicians or fire-eaters or cake bakers....
    The Norman Le Brocq booklet is in the library but a few copies are available to those who care to make contact...
    to carry on his efforts we should all join with others to campaign for reform on a regular basis...groups such as Jersey Human Rights Group and SSTAG (Social Security and Tenants Action Group) have very wide remits and enough work for the rest of the century....
    there is more to political life than scribbling on blogs.