Saturday, April 27, 2013

Jersey car factory - the latest canbedone production...?

Planning and Environment Minister Rob Duhamel introduced a couple of charming Frenchmen to an audience at the Town Hall on Friday 26 April. They share a dream....
Below is a video of the initial 30 minutes of their presentation.
Unfortunately, the battery powered camcorder lost its energy after this so we are unable to bring you the technical details to show how compressed air might be used to power cars, buses, boats and generators but there is plenty of information on the Internet...
just Google MDI cars or compressed air cars or something similar and your computer will be full of images and data...
besides a great deal of sceptical comments.

For his part Deputy Duhamel was full of enthusiasm (although he did not take-off his overcoast for the
evening - which was strange) and suggested that this might be the high-tech way to solve Jersey's looming economic problems and put some diversity into the diminishing Finance sector equation...

That this might be just another canbedone type pie in the sky endeavour was a common worry at this meeting but the repaired and reprieved Boeing 787 has flown in service anything is possible perhaps? Watch here and decide for yourself...but don't give up entirely on the potatoes yet....


  1. Imagine a bus hitting that thing?

    The emergency services would only need a hose and plenty of water!

  2. whats the point in showing videos like this, its so un-watchable it discredits your blog.

  3. Our one chance to get off our knees is finally upon us....Let us take it PROUD PEOPLE OF GREAT BRITAIN