Friday, April 12, 2013

Relax with the Turtles of Littlefeet Environmental - find out how HERE

Courtney Huisman and Andy Farmer (interviewed here below) run a Jersey registered non-profit organisation specialising in sea turtle conservation, Littlefeet Environmental.

YOU can be involved in their projects here in Jersey or overseas either as a volunteer or by raising funds.
To discover more, watch the video then visit Courtney and Andy at the Barclays Jersey Boat Show 4 – 6 May 2013, St Helier harbour/marina.

Or Google on - line for further info on turtles or directly at

Later this year, Littlefeet Environmental plan to have a stall at the “Jersey Reform Day” celebrations at Reg’s Garden, St Brelade on Saturday 28 September when other conservation groups will also be invited.
Follow the blogs and Facebook for more details.
There is more to life than politics and A, B or C.... 

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