Thursday, April 4, 2013

Prof Prem Sikka and John Christensen April 2013 with Jersey ATTAC

Jersey ATTAC in conjunction with TJN (the Tax Justice Network) invited Prem Sikka and John Christensen to Jersey for a few days in April 2013.
An informal discussion and meeting was held at the Post Horn in St Helier and the following videos record some of the proceedings.
These commence with an introductory talk from John and Prem followed by answers to some of the many questions posed.
The sequence of these has been modified here slightly to help the flow and because my editing skills are inadequate.

Initial talk (above) - about 22 minutes

Cyprus now - Jersey next? About 3 minutes

Question Two (part one) About 4 minutes

Qestion two (cont'd) About 3 minutes

John Christensen (of Viking origin) waxes lyrical about some Scandinavian models  About 1.5 minutes

ATTAC Jersey is a member of the International Tax Justice Network and TJN

Contacts; Jersey ATTAC
AABA is the Association for Accountancy and Business Affairs headed by Prem Sikka  at
Richard Murphy is on Facebook

ATTAC translates as the Association for the Taxation of Financial Transactions for the Benefit of Citizens


  1. Sorry but what is John Christenson's brother doing owning a local Trust Company then? -

    1. I have posted this absurd comment simply to indicate just how silly are the outpourings of some people in this Island!

  2. What is silly about it? One brother trying to close us down and the other making money from it. If you don't understand then say so?

    1. "What is silly about it?"

      It's mental, that's what's silly about it! Did you never read your Bible? - "am I my brother's keeper?"

      Am I responsible for the crashes should my sister drive the wrong way at speed on Victoria Avenue in the fog? Capisce?